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New and exclusive chair by Chair Furniture, the Avon R chair stands out for its clean lines, timeless design and its incredible job at saving weight. For a long time Chair Furniture has always wanted a chair that boasted clean and sleek lines with a raw element of simplicity, sounds simple right? Well do be fooled as this chair incorporates everything we know, perfectly in all your professional or personal interiors.


This ''R'' model of the Avon chair is the perfect choice for high-use areas  where practicality is key. This light weight dining chair is a premium quality product . The seat of the chair is perfectly shaped for you to rest against, and its' durable material is highly reliable ensuring that it lasts you for a very long time. 

Why are our plastic chairs different?

We have been working hard on perfecting the material for your plastic dining chairs. As there are endless different opportunities when it comes to choosing a plastic chair, we did a short comparison which explains exactly why you can trust our chairs and its quality. Most competitors use low quality plastic as their base material,which means that the recycling process of this materials not very thorough and reliable leaving the material often become contaminated and also not certified at all. Our plastic chairs are always certified by SGS standards and C.E therefore you will be able to trust our products 100%.


Du to the speedy mass production of our competitors, often the finishes on the wooden legs of these plastic chairs are very rough and not pleasant to look at.Leading to issues causing returns, this will delay  the refurb of your home and will cause further unnecessary disruptions. Our craftsmen check every single piece to ensure perfection, to make sure that you receive the dining chairs you wish to see in your new glam dining room.


One way competitors can save money very easily is by purchasing low quality paint and lacquer. As these products cost the fraction of the lacquer we use to perfect our plastic dining chairs, our products will present a perfectly smooth surface with a glowing Matt finish which is highly scratch resistant and chip resistant. 


Which plastic chair to choose?

Our Quality Guarantee

We offer the best quality plastic dining chairs for the best price on the market and we are proud of it! If the product is not up to your satisfaction, we offer a 30 day refund policy, although we know as soon as you un-box your newly purchased product you will fall in love. 

Our model of the Avon chair is a premium quality chair made with anti-UV polypropylene  instead of ABS  as chairs made from ABS will offer low quality, easily damageable surface and a hollow non-durable product.

Where can I place my Avon plastic dining chair?

  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Meeting Room

Other Features of the Plastic dining chair

  • Selection of legs available eg: RX, SNR, SNW

  • Light and practical

  • 13 colours available

Cleaning Tips

Clean regularly with a slightly damp cloth  or a multi-surface cleaner and a dry microfibre cloth to keep the stool looking show-room like at all times.

Feeling Social?

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Data sheet

Seat Height 45 cm
Height 83.5cm
Depth 55.5 cm
Width 46 cm
Seat Height 45cm
Length 54.5cm
Bottom of Legs Width 45.5 cm
Weight 3.6 kg
Material Polypropylene, Lacquered steel
Assembly time 5 minutes
Stackable No
Seat Width 46 cm
Width Feet 2 cm
Seat Length 56 cm
Designed by Maria Grazia
Style Scandinavian
Batch 1
Quantity max per Box 2
Quantity in 2 Boxes 6

Certified product: Lot of products on Internet are not certified and can be dangereous.

We sell only tested products, certified with the logo (EN 12520).

To be sure to order a certified product, order only on our website.


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Avon R Chair

Avon R Chair

Simple, light weight and efficient!


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