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A quirky Eames inspired armchair to spice up your living room and bring more colour into your life.

This chair is  a replica of the original Eames design and based on the style of the 1950's. It is the perfect addition to your home to add vibrancy and colour. The incredibly comfortable seat and backrest means that relaxation is a must! 

This chair is a limited edition upholstered armchair, and due to its patchwork each chair will be slightly different ensuring that you have the only piece of that certain style. This is what makes this patchwork armchair so unique!

Charles and Ray Eames were one of the most successful designers of the 1950's, therefore they have a wide range of very successful pieces of furniture and decorative pieces. On our website we do offer additional Eames inspired products.  

With this patchwork  armchair, you will certainly bring your living room to life and ensure that your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they enter your home.


Why are our upholstered armchairs different to the other ones on the market?

When you pay attention to the details, our seat is carefully covered in the chosen textile, ensuring that the stitching is completed to perfection so it lasts you a lifetime. The base of your chair, is manufactured from the best quality beech and walnut wood materials, completed by craftsmen who expertise in wood handling to ensure that you have a smooth finish and a high quality product. 


Where can I place my Patchwork Armchair?

Ideal for : Living room, office, nursery.

Other features : Available with or without armrests. Also available with either beech or Walnut. Easy to maintain. Available in multiple patterns.


Our Quality Guarantee

We offer the best quality chairs for the best price on the market and we are proud of it! If the product is not up to your satisfaction, we offer a 30 day refund policy, although we know as soon as you un-box your newly purchased product you will fall in love. 

Our model of the Patchwork armchair is a premium quality chair made with anti-UV polypropylene  instead of ABS as chairs made from ABS will offer low quality, easily damageable surface and a hollow non-durable product. The upholstery on this chair is made of fabric and high density foam to ensure ultimate comfort, and to make sure that the seat of the chair will not change shape even when used frequently. The legs of these armchairs are made out of natural beech or you also have the choice to select walnut as a base option. 

Our rights:

The Eames inspired chairs that we sell on Private Chair are different from the original vintage ones: composition of the fibreglass hull, dimensions, finishes and curves. The legs remain compatible with the original Charles Eames versions.

Our Patchwork Armchairs design chairs are inspired by designers Charles and Ray Eames©. The word Eames is used only to refer to the designer from whom they are inspired and not as a brand.


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If you are after more interior inspiration and you wish to se how our selection of chairs and tables fit into individually styled houses, have a look on our Instagram and Facebook account for further inspiration. 







Data sheet

Seat Height 48cm
Height 82.5cm
Depth 60cm
Width 63cm
Height To Arm 67cm
Weight 9kg
Material Polypropylene,Wool, Wood
Assembly time 10min
Stackable No
Batch 1
Tags eames chair DAW patchwork
Quantity max per Box 2
Quantity in 2 Boxes 5

Certified product: Lot of products on Internet are not certified and can be dangereous.

We sell only tested products, certified with the logo (EN 12520).

To be sure to order a certified product, order only on our website.


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DAW Patchwork Chair

DAW Patchwork Chair

Bold and beautiful

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DSW+DAW Instructions

DSW DAW Unassembled Instructions

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