10 of the most expensive chairs ever sold


10. Wegner Swivel Chair – £10,000

Our first entry is a design fresh from Denmark. At first it appears minimalist but the high quality materials give it the quality that merits the hefty pricetag. It is composed of leather, wood, and chrome piping.

The Wegner Swivel Chair is a combination of luxurious comfort and aesthetic, it will fit into any modernist and minimalist house. Not only are the materials high quality, but you also have a lot of power when you purchase The Wegner Swivel Chair. You can decide the type of wood that is sourced, and the colour of the leather that will characterise the chair.

9. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Chair – £40,000

This chair is not here because of the object alone. The context is key. People are willing to pay excess when an object has ties to something they are a huge fan of, and what fanbase is bigger than Harry Potter? For many buyers this chair would have a special meaning for them.

This is the chair that JK Rowling sat on whilst she wrote The Philosopher's Stone. She has engraved the chair personally with symbols and words related to the franchise. The chair went up for auction and was sold for £40,000!

8. Limited Edition Banqueted Chair - £80,000

Do you like pandas? Do you have £80,000 in disposable income? If so this is the chair for you. There are only 25 copies of Fernando and Humberto's design. The structure is 100% steel. 

The Campana brothers are reknowned for using the theme of wildlife in their creations, so it is no surpise that this chair features panda bears. The stuffed pandas are sewn directly onto the structure, giving the sensation that one is wrapped around fluffy toys. 

7. Kennedy Cabinet Chairs – £135,000

These chairs don't stick out at first sight. They are office chairs of a period (the '60s) and although they are well-crafted and well-built, the £135,000 price tag seems to be strange.

The answer is the history of the chairs. These chairs were a gift from Jacky Kennedy, the First Lady, to Robert McNamara. Her former husband, JFK, used to sit on them with his Secretary. The Kennedy administration is one of the most famed, and notorious, so it's unsurprising that these chairs come with a large pricetag.

6. PlumeBlanche Diamond Encrusted - £175,000

The PlumeBlanche Diamon Encrusted sofa does what it says on the tin. It's a comfortable sofa with copious amounts of diamonds. It's as if the designer wanted to create comfort using the hardest substance in the world.

Leather, mahogany, and latex form the structure of the sofa, but the diamond studded buttons are what create this piece of furniture. Even the logo of the brand is encrusted in diamonds. This is why it will cost £175,000 to get it to your home. With only 50 available best to get shopping if you want one!

5. Z-Chair By Zaha Hadid - £190,000

The Z-Chair would fit right in a sci-fi film in the 1980s. It is an extreme design and has a futuristic feel to it, even now. The chair is asymmetric and was created by the famous Zaha Hadid.

It is entirely created from stainless steel, and will be the forefront of every room due to it's audacious appearance. The designer only created 25 pieces, and each one is worth almost 200 grand. If you want to forgoe comfort for extreme design the Z-Chair is right for you.

4. The Skull Chair - £500,000

This skull chair isn't designed for goth teenagers surprisingly, mainly because the £475,000 might be a little steep. It is an armchair fit for a Bond villain.

The chair is created from a 24 carat gold structure. Leather seats cover the golden skull. It is entirely handmade, and sure to draw attention from any visitors.

3. Pininfarina’s Aresline Xten - £1.4 Million

Some people value comfort slightly more than their bank balance. If you work a 9-5 job, and have a huge amount of disposable income this might be a perfect choice. 

The Italian house responsible for the Ferrari created the Aresline Xten. The office chair is worth a mind-boggling £1.4 Million. With that price tag and complete comfort you may feel like you are seated on a throne, or even at the helm of an F1 car. 

2. Marc Newson Lockheed Lounge Chair - £2.9 Million

The most famous Australian designer has a new creation, a chaise long. This is one of ten identical pieces, and is made of alluminium.

If the metal isn't soft enough I'm sure there are very, very expensive covers you could get for this chaise long. It's modernist, shiny, and carries a humongous picetag. Perhaps it's worth the £2.7 million to know that you are one of a handful sitting on Newson's design in that moment.

1. The Dragon's Chair - £27.8 Million

The Dragon Chair

This is the chair that has a huge gap between any others. Not a single one comes within the price range, and what could be a more fitting name for the apex predator of chairs: The Dragon Chair. This piece of design will cost over £25 million. Eileen Gray designed it over one hundred years ago, and it has been in the homes of many powerful, and influential figures.

It consists of leather and hand sculpted wood, and was bought by Yves Saint Laurent. Hopefully he is comfy on it!


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1. What decides the value of a chair?

A number of things determine the value of a chair. These include: age, rarity, who owned the chair before, the quality of the materials, and the designer.

2. What is the most expensive chair in the world?

The most expensive chair in the world is The Dragon's Chair. It sold for over £25 million at auction.


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