How to set up a beautiful table for the perfect date

With this guide you can make every date night worthy of Valentine's. We will give you our top tips to create the perfect setting, and ambience for an evening with your partner or significant other.

Surprise them with a candlelit dinner fit for royalty, and we will also share some advice for making the evening extra special on Valentine's day

Even in adverse times, where going out is not possible, you can have a lovely evening together that will be every bit as special as a restaraunt if you set it up right! 

Table size for 2 people

Before choosing your tablecloth, or setting up the table for your date, it is essential to know the right table size.

Whether it is a round, square or rectangular table, the size will vary.

To help you, here is a small guide with the right dimensions.


Table size for 2 people


What table size for 2 people?

As you can see, each table has a more or less different configuration.

And, if you don't pay attention to their dimensions, the tablecloth you put on it will not fit to the table!

What chair height according to your table?

If you want to add decoration to your chairs, it would be beneficial to know their size, right?

First, know that a dining table is between 70 and 75 cm high. Therefore, your plastic, fabric or metal chair will need to be between 42 to 46 cm in height.

For the sake of comfort, you can add accessories such as a designer cushion to sit down and get comfy.

However, if you are using a stool instead of a chair we have a special guide especially for you. Find our Stool Height Guide here.

Table Decoration

Let's start with an important choice, the tablecloth. This will be the first decorative element to set, and also will define the colour and material of the table for your date night. 

When buying or choosing a new tablecloth, take into account the size of the table to avoid having a tablecloth that is too small for your table. If the tablecloth is too large you can tape it at the bottom, or make adjustments to it yourself.

We advise you purchase have a tablecloth that has at least 60 cm of margin.

Regarding the pattern of the tablecloth, we would recommend a plain tablecloth, so that the eyes are not drawn away from what is more important.

Besides, with all the little decorations that you are going to add, it would be a shame to have a table that has too much on it.

If you would like a tablecloth with patterns, make sure to add few, and small decorative touches.


Tablecloth for your date


An example of a modern design on a long tablecloth, if you would like a more traditional tablecloth then perhaps plain white would suit you just fine!


Whatever the shape of your table there will be several choices for tablecloths available in the right dimensions. You have the following choices and many more:

  • Square tablecloths
  • Rectangular tablecloths
  • Round tablecloths
  • Table runners
  • Placemats

Depending on the style you want to create that night, the tablecloth will have a different colour. For example, a pastel decoration will have a white tablecloth and a pink table runner.

If you prefer more passionate and dark atmospheres, a red tablecloth with a black table runner will do the trick!

For couples with a much larger table, do not hesitate to arrange only a section of the length of your table by referring back to the configurations set out above.



Table runner for Valentines Day or an Anniversary


An original table runner, this example would be perfect for to celebrate an anniversary or Valentine's Day.


The cutlery and kitchenware 

The dishes must be in harmony with the decoration.

For a safe bet, choose white, cream or black dishes, and make sure it is porcelain if possible.

For glasses, stemware is essential. In a romantic dinner, red wine is, in most cases, served with the dish.

But whatever alcohol is drunk during dinner, it should be poured into a clean stemmed glass with no fingerprints or cracks.

Tip: Run the cutlery under hot water, and give them a good rub with a tea towel to ensure they sparkle.


Lighting and music

With the lighting it is important not to have it too bright. This can ruin the ambiance, and the mood. One lighting idea that never goes amiss is to have your dinner by candlelight, but to have fairy lights in the background. This means that you will have enough light to eat and drink without a miss, but also maintain the intimacy.

Lighting for a date night

These oil lamps and fairylights go together perfectly. But of course we are not all lucky enough to have a setting like this!

With the music, just like the lighting using moderation and respecting the mood is key. Not everyone wants to eat dinner with Saxophone, and Marvin Gaye's voice booming in the background. There is a time and a place for everything. We would recommend quiet, background music. Perhaps smooth Jazz, light piano, or instrumental music.

Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day. The long-awaited day for many couples.

It doesn't matter about age or whether you are married, this is an opportunity for you to dress smart and spend a beautiful evening alone with the person you care about.

But, this year, in order to break the routine of having a romantic meal in a restaurant each year during Valentine's Day, you decided to prepare a romantic dinner at home.

Despite having decided on the clothes you will wear, and the ideal Valentine's Day gift, there are two essential things that you have not yet taken the time to think about: decoration and a meal for Valentine's Day.

Let it be said, table decoration for Valentine's Day is something not to be taken lightly, because it can completely ruin your romantic dinner!

It would be a shame that because of a decoration done in a hurry or perhaps even forgotten about your evening doesn't end how you want it to.

So, to avoid this February 14 ending in a Netflix evening on your Scandinavian solo chair, here are our best tips for preparing the best Valentine's Day decoration ever.





Chair Decoration for Valentine's Day

A chair decorated with a pretty Valentine's decoration


To set a table for Valentine's Day, you will need:

  1. Know the correct configuration of your table and chairs
  2. Choose the right colours
  3. Have a nice tablecloth
  4. Make sure you have pretty dishes
  5. Add the essential accessories
  6. Set it all up
  7. Prepare a romantic dinner


Table Decoration for Valentine's Day

Valentine's table decoration

    Valentine's day table decoration


    You now know the right table size for two people, and have picked out a table cloth it is time to get down to decorating the table!

    And, before choosing any decoration, there is one detail that should not be overlooked: the colours.

    The colours of Valentine's day have great symbolism.

    You probably already know this, but the colours to favor for a successful table decoration are red, burgundy red, white, cream, pink as well as a touch of black and gold for a refined side.

    Not all colours can be used for a Valentine's Day decoration.

    Here are some examples of colours to absolutely avoid for your Valentine's Day decor:

    • Green: it symbolizes, not love foryour significant other, but love for nature
    • Yellow: it is associated with illness but also with betrayal, deception or even jealousy
    • Blue: it represents arrogance and selfishness
    • Purple: it stands for impatience

    Red the colour of love

    Red, the symbol of Love!


    A Plate for Valentines Day


    Matching and refined tableware for Valentine's Day

    Decorations for Valentine's Day

    This is where all the little details will make a big difference. Indeed, an excess of decoration will quickly make the Valentine's Day table too busy, while a touch too small will make it empty.

    This is not easy, but it is necessary to succeed in finding a happy medium so that your table is perfect.

    There are several key accessories to put on a table as a Valentine's Day decoration:

    • Roses and rose petals (or other flowers)
    • Decorative leaves
    • Scented candles and / or a candlestick
    • Napkins (mandatory) folded in an original way
    • Small rhinestones or sequins


    Bouquet of Roses


    Roses, an essential touch on your Valentine's table


    Chair decoration for Valentine's Day

    Often forgotten, chairs and chairs with armrests can also be decorated!

    For a discreet coloured tip on your chair, you can add a Scandinavian chair pad.

    Or, if you prefer a more refined but eye-catching decor, wrap a thin fabric around the seat of your chair, matching your table decoration. At the back of the seat will be made a large knot to keep the fabric around the seat in place.


    How to set the Valentine's Table


    For a successful romantic decoration, you can mix two or three elements together maximum. There is a rule: the rule of contrariety of colours, indicating that we must avoid putting together the same shades of colour (pale on pale, dark on dark, etc.).

    So, you will have to mix various accessories of different colours to harmonize your Valentine's table.

    For a successful Valentine's day table decoration, you can for example place a bouquet of red roses in the center of your table in a large vase (preferably transparent), gently topped with rose petals.

    You can also place one or two scented candles red, black, white or pink on either side of the vase, and without forgetting the napkin folded in the shape of a heart (or any other form) adorning your plate (s).



    Decorative Valentines Day

    Table decoration idea for Valentine's Day

    Meal ideas for Valentine's Day

    What could be better than a homemade Valentine's Day meal?

    Try these choices below, and if you pull them off you are halfway there to having a memorable night.

    Starter (Choose one of the following):

    Main (Choose one of the following):

    Dessert (Choose one of the following):

    Thanks to all our advice, you are now ready to ensure your Valentine's table decoration and to impress your other half!

    Now all you have to do is unlock your inner Gordon Ramsay to have a perfect romantic dinner! But that's another story…



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    1. What are suitable events to host a romantic date?

    There are many events to host a romantic date for, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's day. It is also a great idea to host an impromptu date and surprise your special someone!

    2. What should I wear for a date at home?

    The safest option is to dress smart casual, anything too formal might seem out of place but it is very important to put effort in.


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