Charles and Ray Eames
It is commonly acknowledged that the design duo Charles and Ray Eames were innovators. Contemporary commentators still revere their designs and describe many of their feats as revolutionary. Their approach paved the way for affordable mass-produced furniture that did not compromise on style. Designers since have longed to reproduce the impact the duo have had on 20th Century design.
Low-cost furniture
Uniquely, the Eames' were not seeking to create exclusive interiors, instead they strove to combine style with affordability, an objective that was achieved in a number of their final products. Choosing low-cost materials was key to ensuring the DSW remained cost-effective and would be priced to appeal to Americans on a limited budget. By selecting to work with materials such as fiberglass and plywood and through inventing the single-sheet molded seat, the overall cost of manufacturing remained minimal.
Vitra versus the replica
It is not without a certain degree of irony that in 2015, stiff competition between purveyors of the DSW exists, pushing the price of the design right up and right down. DSW chairs can be found online on popular marketplaces such as Ebay and Amazon as well as on a number of independent eCommerce sites. Vitra holds the official reproduction rights to Charles and Ray Eames' designs. Purchasing a Vitra produced chair will cost the buyer in the hundreds. But this has yet to deter lesser known manufacturers from reproducing their own version of the design which retails at a more acceptable price.
While the DSW's design might remain unchanged since its inception in 1950, the availability of colour has increased dramatically.  The DSW is presently available in 19-colours which includes several shades of greys and blues. This vast choice means that there will invariably be a colour to please everyone's palette. This attribute is likely to be one of the key reasons for the chairs unwavering popularity. Those contemplating the purchase of a multi-coloured set of chairs are likely to be more perplexed by which colours to marry together.
What colours are available?
Warm grey and ocean/navy green are currently among the most popular combinations being sold at While white still remains the best seller, it is often purchased in sets of two, four or six, and on occasion paired with the RAR rocker in white.
For more than 60-years the DSW's organic form has meant that the strength of the chair is in its design. Furthermore, the simplicity of the design has meant that the chair has the ability to serve a wide variety of purposes. You will find DSW's courting a rustic or modern environment with their simple elegance. Commercial settings such as cafes and libraries favour the sturdy model due to its resilience. The DSW is also wipe-clean therefore it is the perfect choice for those with young families. Finally, it is also available in miniature, kids size.