Eames chair legs

Many of the chairs on our website take their inspiration from some of the best designers from the early and mid-twentieth century such as Charles Eames. Eames inspired chairs, seats and a variety of legs can be purchased on our website.  

Eames Eiffel Chair Legs

The Eiffel legs are perhaps the best known of the chair leg's designed by Eames. Due to their resemblance to the Eiffel Tower they have been given the name 'Eiffel Leg' and consist of a steel frame with intersecting rods.

Wooden Chair Legs 

Possibly the most successful and popular are the wooden DSW chair legs. These consist of a wooden base supported by steel rods.

Theres is also a version of childrens version of DSR steel and DSW wooden legs.

Rocking Chair Legs 

Another version of Eames chair legs are the rocking chair rockers and are also know as RAR These are made of both wood and steel parts and are available in adult and kids sizes.


The eclectic choice of Eames legs give you the opportunity to add your own personality to his designs. Mix and match colours and legs to create a bespoke chair. It is up to you to choose your favourite.


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