DSR Chair

The DSR seat goes back to the 1940's where the Eames couple's mission was to create a one-piece fluid seat shell.With their success of forming this design out of glass fibre, this chair was one of the greatest hits of the century.

The DSR chair is a classic design of the 20th Century. Charles Eames and Ray Eames designed this chair in the 1940's and this chair still remains contemporary and modern.

You may have heard ofthe DSR chair as the 'Eiffel' thanks to its unique chrome base structure which represent the outline of the Eiffel tower. This elegant archtectural designwill add an elite touch to any interior.

The DSR chair is visible everywhere

The Eames inspired chair can be found in interior and furniture magazines, on television, in the home and in the office. This Eames DSR chair model is still a number one seller not just in the UK but also across Europe and america too. In the modern 21st century, this chair is truly a historical masterpiece.  

Originally these chairs have been made out of fiber glass, and as previously fibreglass has only been used uncoloured, the Eames couple has spent endless hous and days perfecting the colours in the factory and testing the prototypes. the oiginal 6 colours are still available in fibreglass however with the modern world, a more eco friendly version the polyprolylene seats came into the market and are the number one choice. 

It fits in every room

With its discreet and efficient design, it's possible to place your DSR chair in any room be it the:

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Meeting room
  • Office


 This versatile DSR chair is a favorite for many and this chair would be perfect with a contemporary table.

Upholstered DSR chair

What makes this chair so uniquely comfortable? It is the full padding that runs the whole length of the seat.

The DSR Upholstered chair employs the versatility to blend into any room and would work especially well in a studious environment owing to its cushion-soft seat.

£69.30 £99.00

Choosing your DSR

A multitude of colours are available. The difference between the DSW and DSR is that the DSW has beech legs with steel whereas the DSR's legs are fully chrome-plated steel without wood.

Find your own DSR chairs on our site available in many colours and competative prices.

Due to its' large variety, not only the seat will come in more than 20 available colours, but also the base can be switched up too. Be it a rocker base, the Eiffel or different combinations of straight legs, you bet the DSR chair will look unique and incredible in any combination.