DSW Chair

Charles Eames revolutionised the interior and funishing industry with its famous DSW chair, whic he designed in the 1950s. The Eames DSW chair has remained contemporary and modern and still adores many homes and offices.

There have been many variations of the DSW, with different legs in wood or metal, which all make the DSW unique.

The different choices of DSW

Elegant and stylish, it is ideal for an office, a lounge or a kitchen.

You also have an important choice to make regarding colour. The DSW is available in multiple colours. Chai.Furniture have 20 different colours for the DSW.Some of them include the DSW in white, black, coffee, cream, red, yellow or bright orange. The slight gloss to the matte finish may fade in time.

Elements of the DSW

The legs are wood with black painted steel. These chairs are made to carry significant weight. It has a polypropylene seat that makes it durable and recyclable.


Maintenance is easy. To clean DSW you just take a cloth orsoft sponge and dampen ith a little water or possibly some mild detergent.