NORM 69 Lamp

Simon Karkov is one of the greatest designers of our time. Born in 1932, he graduated from the Danish Academy of Architecture before joining several architecture companies. During his career, he distinguished himself with his creation of extraordinary geometric lamps. Whilst he has since retired to Turkey, his creations are still fashionable and he has garnered even more fame. Among his biggest successes is the Norm 69 Lamp.

Norm 69 Lamp:

The Norm 69 Lamp was created by Simon Karkov in 1969. Despite its age, it has always remained stylish. Formed from sixty-nine pieces of non-flammable, high-quality plastic, it was inspired by Poul Henningsen's Artichoke Lamp but has its own unique design. No glue or tools are needed to hold the lamp together. Although it took Karkov several years to build, it proved well worth it.

Impact on the world of design:

The success of the Norm 69 Lamp owes a lot to Simon Karkov's innovative spirit. It won the Formland Prize in 2002 and Best Item in the Cologne Furniture Show. It's also distinguished from other products because of its affordable price. This lamp will stylishly illuminate any interior.