Architecture: Crown Hall, the main building at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago 

Ludwig Mies van det Rohe was a German architect. He travelled all over the world but one of his most significant destinations was Chicago. During his time there, he designed Crown Hall, the main building of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design in the Illinois Institute of Technology. This building, intended for the teaching of architecture, helped make him famous. Mies van de Rohe had to surmount numerous obstacles to complete the project, but his efforts were rewarded with the creation of one of the most beautiful jewels of modern architecture.

Crown Hall:

Crown Hall

Crown Hall, built between 1950 and 1956, uses an innovative combination of steel and glass. It is constituted of several different establishments. Conceived as a free space, the building is a rectangular shape and has two levels to ensure sunlight can penetrate inside whilst occupants can see out onto the beautiful city of Chicago. A large and vivid green garden surrounds the building.

Crown Hall, to learn in serenity:

Mies van der Rohe created Crown Hall so it was possilbe to study architecture in a quiet, natural atmosphere. The campus is totally isolated from outside noises because of the surrounding green space. For architecture enthusiasts, this is the ideal place to teach and to learn. It can bring true inspiration.