LC4 Deckchair

As well as being recognised for his work in town-planning and within historic establishments, Charles-Édouard JEANNERET-GRIS, more commonly known under the penname of Le Corbusier, also worked in design and sculpture. He created furniture in modern Bahaus styles that was dedicated to all categories of people. His creations are recognised all around the world and even after his death his name still remains alive. One of his most notable works is the LC4 Deckchair, a marvel of design and a pillar of the furniture world.

LC4 Deckchair:

LC4 Deckchair

Le Corbusier designed this chair (above) in 1928, giving it a headrest and regulation system to allow the body to be adjusted at any time. With chrome-plated steel for the legs and a leather dressing, this chair has been highly appreciated since its release. A product of high quality and aesthetics that can frequently be found on the market.

LC4 Deckchair, ideal for your comfort:

Le Corbusier designed the LC4 Deckchair to optimise your sensation of well-being. It's a very comfortable and pleasant chair to relax in. You can adjust the chair to whatever position suits you the most, whether sitting upright or lying down. The materials and design make this a piece of luxury furniture.