Fashion Accessories: Bags, Purses and Necklaces

Fashion accessories

Britt Kornum (above wearing one of her lampshade designs as a hat) is an enthusiastic practioner of art and design. She creates items with a stylish touch that emphasises their feminity. Rather than just limiting herself to interior designs, she also creates fashion accessories such as bags, purses and necklaces. After studying at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark, she experimented with the creation of her own original products. One of her specialities is manipulating paper in such a way that it becomes a work of art. Its quality is obvious at once and it impresses everybody.

Fashion Accessories:

This designer's talents extend to the realm of fashion, particularly in accessories. As such, Britt Kornum designs magnificent fashion accessories that compliment and highlight both clothes and the women who wear them. Her bags, purses and necklaces are designed with paper and handled so as to create an incredible aesthetic. These classy and original accessories did not go unnoticed when they entered the market.

Original and more elegant Fashion Accessories: 

Britt Kornum has a highly developed sense of style and originality. She knows how to highlight the feminine touch in her products and has had enormous success with her fashion accessories. Indeed, her products attact the most fanatical fans of fashion. The shape and elegance of the accessories creates a refined and elegant look.