Book: The Solid Side 

Anna Ferrieri was ahead of her time as a designer. Her style can be summarised as "what is useful is beautiful. What is beautiful is useful."

Everything on Anna Ferrieri:

Born in 1920, Anna Ferrieri was trained at the Polytechnic School in Milan. Her career started with the French rationalist Albini, whose philiosopy became her source of inspiration. In 1966, the Italian began creating furniture for Kartell. She won numerous design prizes, inlcuding the prestigious Compasso d'Oro.

Anna Ferrieri's products and techniques:

From 1984, Anna Ferrieri was invited to give high quality design courses as a professor. She also co-authored of several books, including "The Solid Side" (1995) in which many of her techniques and design concepts are developed. This book became a reference in many schools of modern art. It also contains basic architectural ideas.

Design according to Anna Ferrieri:

Although primarily a designer, Anna Ferrieri's writing talents are clearly on display throughout "The Solid Side". She uses her passion to advocate for creative, simple and functional design. Recognised by many world-renowned architects, this textbook confirms the fame of the author and places her securely among the pioneers of revolutionary contemporary design.