Artichoke Lamp


Poul Henningsen was a Danish writer and architect, born in September 1894. He achieved international fame through the great changes his creations brought to Danish culture. Nicknamed PH, he designed lamps that used overlapping materials. This included the Artichoke Lamin 1958, a delicious piece of ingenuity that formed a magnificent product worthy of this brilliant artist.

Artichoke Lamp

The stunning Artichoke Lamp:

Henningsen's Artichoke Lamp has a shocking design. The seventy-two leaves spread out to form the outline of the lamp and hide the bulb. Despite being perfectly hidden, the bulb still emits a dense but soft light that fills a whole room. This lamp is shaped like an artichoke pendant. It was designed for the Danish company Langelinie. In the current model, stainless, hyper-resistant aluminium is used for the leaves. The entire device is made of aluminium and steel so it remains light despite its size.


The Artichoke Lamp is the fruit of Poul Henningsen's efforts, based on the entirely glass Septima Lamp. Though it resembles an existing product, it should still be considered original and unique. This lamp's effect on a room is more than just artistic with its curves and geometrical forms. It is perfect.