Glass Table

The art of the feminine:

One of the greatest of the Irish designers, Eileen Gray left a mark on her time. Born in 1878, she made great innovations with lacquer before moving into design and architecture, where she also had numerous successes. Her creations include the Glass Coffee Table and its numerous variations.

A practical table:

Glass table

Whether supplemental, adjustable or just a coffee table, the many names and ranges of this product come from the same design. The Glass Table is not just the most famous of Eileen Gray's designs, but her own personal favourite. She brought modernism to her 1927 piece by creating models in black glass, plywood, wood and lacquer. The glass table includes a steel support and, depending on the model, one or two glass trays. A plastic coat protects the glass and stops it from being easily damaged. All materials are excellent quality. It is possible to adjust the height of the table using the first and second ring, with the second ring reaching up to one metre on some models. This table comes from Gray's desire to create a product that would allow her sister to eat in bed.

The Glass Table is both an item of decoration and a functional object.