The designer:

Eero Aarnio is a Finnish designer, born in Helsinki in 1932. His unique creations made him the pride of his country in the 1960s. After obtaining a diploma from Helsinki's School of Art and Design, he founded his own agency where he launched several distinguished works. Some of his most notable pieces include the Ball Chair and the Pastille Seat, with which he won the American Industrial Designers' Prize in 1968.

Pastille freshness:


The Pastille Armchair is not just an armchair or a rocking chair, it is a work of art. Created in 1967, the shape is inspired by a sugar pastille. To create this brilliant blend of dreams and reality, Aarnio needed to carry out thorough research. Built entirely in fibreglass, this chair offers as much comfort and relaxation as it does style. It uses the same concepts that led to the same blend of furniture and art in Aarnio's cocoon chairs, sofas and other armchairs. When Infurn took over the manufacture of this product, they added various modifications in colour and detail to increase its popularity. No other materials were replaced.

Eero Aarnio's Pastille Armchair is a timeless work of fibreglass art.