How to clean Wooden chairshow to clean a wooden chair

  • Step 1: Avoid harsh chemicals, instead use cleaning products specifically for wood
  • Step 2: use lint-free microfibre cloths for a streak free result.
  • Step 3: Remove dust from the surfaces then spray cleaner onto the rag
  • Step 4: With long clean strokes, apply cleaner and wipe off excess cleanser.
  • Step 5: When Wood dried, apply wood conditioner and fully dry.

Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs have always been a popular take. The wooden chairs available on our website will be the perfect fit for any scenario of your choice. These chairs have the right balance between a retro chair design and an industrial chair design, ensuring that they give plenty of character to any chosen interior. 


Why Chose Our Chairs?

wooden chairsThese Wooden chairs are provided by a family business who will sit on these exact office chairs, garden chairs, dining chairs etc. Our passion for quality furniture is like no others.

Unlike your standard choice of Ikea or Cult Furniture, our wooden chairs can certainly act as a centrepiece for your kitchen or be the perfect choice for your bar or restaurant setting. Most of these are stacking chairs, which means that they will be very practical in any given scenario. 

If you have originally thought to purchase  your wooden chairs from Ikea or Cult furniture just like all of your beloved friends, look no further and chose your perfectly fully customisable chairs with Chair.Furniture

These wooden chairs will be easy to assemble and you will always receive any extra support if needed; we are just a phone call away!  Now that we have agreed on the uniqueness and practicality of our chairs, we can also agree that these outstanding pieces wouldn't be available at other furniture stores of your general choice like John Lewis or the Range!

Of course, they may have some beautiful pieces, but being able to customise to your specific needs goes a long way, and our small professional team  who shares a  real passion about furniture and interior design are always available and happy to help in any given situation.