Componibili Drawers

Anna Ferrieri was a member of a very small circle of women designers. She focused her art on a combination of the beautiful and the useful.

Who was Anna Ferrieri?

Anna Ferrieri was born in Milan in 1920. An intellectual child, she was encouraged to pursue her architectural studies at the Polytechnic University of Milan. During the German Occupation, she left Milan with her husband, Giulio Castelli. They returned in 1946. In that year, Ferrieri opened her own studio as well as becoming chief editor of the architecture magazine, "Casabella Costruzioni". A year later she received a Diploma of Honour and a gold medal for a child's bed and armchair that she designed. Her speciality was the creation of everyday objects using pioneering factory techniques.

What did Anna Ferrieri invent?

Componibili Drawers

Anna Ferrieri created many innovative but functional objects. Her most beautiful creation is the Componibili Drawers. This multifunctional item was designed in 1968. It can be used in any room of the house as a table or storage unit. The three drawers are very light and made of stainless steel.

What success did Anna Ferrieri have?

The Componibili Drawers demonstrate Anna's Ferrieri's desire to create furniture that was both stylish and useful. It became famous in Italy because of this combination of utility and attractiveness. International success came when it was displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Pompidou Centre in Paris.