The Tulip Stool

The Tulip stool is named after the elegant Tulip flower. The stool was designed by Eero Saarinen in 1958 for Knoll. The Tulip stool is part of the pedestal collection,  a range of chairs Eero Saarinen designed that focused on simplifying the traditional design of the four-legged chair by constructing a chair that had just one leg.

A versatile interior

The Tulip Stool has the ability to complement a number of different spaces due to the minimalism of its design. The Tulip stool has a proven record of working well in varying spaces such as bars,hotel lobby's, and of course in the domestic arena.

The Tulip stool comes with a round cushion for your comfort. The cushion is available in various colours which means that you will be able to match a cushion with the colour scheme you are working with. Generally the base of the Tulip Stool is available in white and black. Many hotels favour the Tulip stool due to its versatility which means it has the ability to adapt to any design.

In the movies

In the film, Kingsman, starring Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson, you can find examples of the Tulip stool in the final cave scenes. The Tulip range has made an appearance in other films including Star Trek.

The original Tulip stool was made from fibreglass, aluminium and regular plastic and if you are seeking an original produced by Knoll, then it is still possible to acquire one. However, the replicas tend to be made from ABS plastic, aluminium and wood for the structure. The original will cost you in the region of £900, but replicas can be purchased for under £100 which is quite a substantial difference and they are equal in their aesthetic form.

The license is currently owned by the world-renowned designer Knoll Designs who continue to recreate the Tulip range according to the original specification of Eero Saarinen. If you are looking for an affordable version of the Tulip stool then visit our Tulip page where we offer three varieties.