Eames DSR chair

Charles and Ray Eames created a range of chairs that would change the way plastic was implemented in design. The varying models are all subtlety different to one another. The Eames DSR is very similar to the DSW in that they share the same seat mould, the only difference between the two models are the legs. The legs of the Eames DSR are made of intersecting chrome rods often referred to as Eiffel legs due to their similarity to the design of the Eiffel Tower.

Eames, Zenith Plastic and low-cost furniture

The Eames DSR chair was one of the world's first plastic chairs produced in collaboration with Zenith Plastics and was entered into the 'Low-Cost Furniture' competition held by the Museum of Modern Art. The Eames DSR chair is also known as the Plastic side-chair, the seat of which was originally formed of fibre-glass.

The Eiffel Tower influence

The Eames DSR chair offers a different charm to that of the Eames DSW. With the Eames DSR legs being made from chrome, the chair has a sharper, slightly less organic quality. The choice of material for the legs has meant that the chair remains contemporary but with an industrial dimension. For those who prefer metal to wooden legs, the Eames DSR chair is going to be a better choice of chair for you.

The Eames DSR chair is still a much sought after chair. The option to team the Eames DSR Eiffel legs with a number of colourful seats, mean that the options for the perfect combination for your home are endless.

The Eames DSR chair continue to be a popular choice for those looking to replicate the contemporary 1950s design in the 21st Century.

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