Engineer before designer

Jean Prouve preferred to see himself as an engineer rather than a designer. To construct a piece of furniture was of greater value to Prouve than the aesthetics of the final product, which could explain why he used steel in his constructions over a softer choice of material. Due to the scarcity of steel during WW2, Prouve was forced to experiment with less conventional materials, such as a aluminium.

Industrial design style

The revival of the 'industrial' in the domestic and commercial sphere has meant that interest in Prouve's designs have been renewed in recent times. Cafes and bars in particular favour the Tolix range.

The Tolix Bar Stool

A persistently popular model is the very versatile Tolix bar stool. The Tolix bar stool is part of the Tolix range which is constructed from steel. These days the option to have the stools sprayed to your specification means they can be found in many colours. Prouve started the collections with a raw and natural look.

Tolix Bar stool sizes

The Tolix bar stool comes in three sizes, suitable for a home bar, or short tables ranging in height from 62CM's up to 75CM's.