CH24 Chair

Hans Wegner was a celebrated Danish designer, born on 2nd April 1914. He distinguished himself with the creation of a new chair that proved popular even with illustrious names such as US Presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. His chairs are particularly appreciated by people with back problems. The Wishbone CH24 chair is a perfect reflection of the artist's talents.


The Wishbone CH24 is a unique model of chair that Wegner created in 1949. It may not look like anything in particular, but that's what made the design revolutionary. Very light and comfortable, the design favours modernist curves and rational, geometric figures. One of its greatest strengths is the support the curves give to people with back problems - it is shaped to the natual seated position. As the sides are not totally covered, it is also possible for the occupants to easily turn in any direction. The Wishbone CH24 stands on four legs, complete with footrests at the sides and is sometimes known as the "Y Chair" because of its shape. Currently, this product is only made and sold by Carl Hansen, a Danish company that took over the manafacturing of all Hans Wegner's furniture.

The CH24 Chair is almost mythical in the impression it has left on the world.