MAÏA Office Table

Giotto Stoppino was an illustrious Italian designer and architect. He was born in Milan, where he studied and gained his diploma in 1951. At the start of his career, he worked with the celebrated designers Vittorio Gregorio and Ludovico Meneghetti within the Architetti Associati Studio. His specialised in design and architecture as well as being an activist in many organisations. The Office Table is one of the most notable of his many distinguished creations. He won several prizes for his work.

The Office Table of Giotto Stoppino, known as the Maia Bureau, is a collector's item because it is such a rare piece of art. Conceived in 1969, the design is simply magnificent.  Being a modernist, Stoppino favoured curves in his designs. Rare rosewood is used for the table, which include a sliding tray shaped as a 3/4 circle. It has rounded corners and the supports are of curved metal. Different colours and models are available, but all favour practicality. A chair and a table are included in this set. It reflects old styles of tables with its ease and lightness. Some models also include a compartment under the table.

Giotto Stoppino's Office Table is considered a revolutionary design.