Knoll Two-Piece Lounge Sofa 

Shu, the American talent:

Florence Knoll is an American furniture designer. She was born in Michigan, USA in 1917. Shu is a nickname. After obtaining several diplomas in the arts, she succeeded her husband at the head of the highly respected Knoll furniture company. There, she developed several products, including a two-piece sofa. This item was known as the Knoll Lounge Sofa.                                                                                                 "Pratique

Knoll Sofa:

The Knoll Two-Piece Lounge Sofa was designed in 1954. Three and four piece models were created as well. It was designed to be used in large workplaces in the United States, so it has a minimalist, rationalist design that favours subtlety over extravagance. Knoll respects the lines of this practical creation, which still tends to be used in larger spaces with its cubic or rectangular form. There are polished steel legs and leather cushions to provide comfort over the wooden frame. This design lives up to Florence Knoll's impressive reputation. Other stores have adapted this item for the modern world, but Knoll still sells furniture and approves other retailers such as Infurn for their sales. Florence Knoll's Two-Piece Lounge Sofa is always a source of inspiration.