Designed by Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames rocking chair in patchwork was manufactured by Herman Miller and Zenith Plastic between 1948 and 1950. Intent on entering the MOMO Low Cost Furniture competition, the Eames' created a range of mix and match chairs which would allow the customer more choice when selecting their chair.  The original Eames rocking chair patchwork  was well received by Americans and eventually the world, and in time would be adapted to include a vibrant fabric wrap that would include upholstery and padding.

The chair known as the Eames rocking chair patchwork is a distinct creation. The idea to wrap a chair in unique patchwork fabric was an idiosyncratic concept in the 1950s. The RAR legs are simple and elegant, greated by intersecting chrome rods sitting on sleek light wooden rockers. Sales of the Eames rocking chair patchwork have persistently sold well. The Eames rocking chair patchwork can attract a lot of attention. Every Eames rocking chair patchwork can boast of its uniqueness due to the fabric, therefore those who purchase the Eames rocking chair patchwork can enjoy the fact that their design is unique. The uniqueness of the design can breakdown formal environments such as offices which is one reason why they are so popularity in corporate settings. 

These days the Eames rocking chair patchwork is not the only chair available in the patchwork design. The Eames rocking chair patchwork  can become another of the Eames chair as it is available in a various Eames seats which can be a stool, a rocker and a chair.

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